Monday, 17 October 2011

Holiday in Rome, Part 2

Now I’m going to share more photos and experience from the trip to Rome starting with the famous stairway in Vatican. I’ve seen photos of the stairs in many different magazines.

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Do you know why all the walls of Coliseum are covered with holes as if someone was shooting at them with a large caliber machine-gun? Romans, about 1500 years ago, dragged out the metallic supporting rods installed between the blocks and used the metal to make weapons during the barbarian invasions on the city. That weakened the structure and a few hundred years later the western part of Colosseum collapsed during a massive earth quake. 

Flavian Amphitheatre had multiple rooms, corridors and lifts under the stage. This is where was the back stage. Also, the theater could be filled up with water for aquatic shows. And it had an extractable roof at sometime.

Roman Forum

Palatine Hill

Capitol Hill

Only by looking at this massive gray building you can sense how much history it has absorbed over the centuries .

Although constructed in ancient times, about 1500 years earlier than St. Peter’s basilica, its dome is almost 2 meters wider than St. Peter’s.  
Piazza Navona with its 3 beautiful fountains.
We visited it during one of the late evening walks, but on the last day in Rome decided to come again. This time we got there in the early morning before the plaza  became overcrowded with tourists and merchandisers.
Here I concentrated more on details, since the fountains mainly consist of separate sculptures.

Before leaving Rome, we enjoyed delicious cappuccino on Campo de’Fiori square near Piazza Navona. A popular market place these days was a public execution square during the inquisition times. Giordano Bruno was burnt alive here. Renaissance time brought so much beauty and innovation to the world, but not without distractions.  

Stay tuned for more from Florence and Venice.

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